Game Dev Jobs

This page is a compilation of job boards I’ve found for game developers, especially remote and indie game dev work. I do not endorse any of these directly, this is purely for informational purposes.

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Description: Unity3D’s connect is a place where you can build a profile, list your projects, and chat with folks (they have their own chat servers). They also have a job search board!

Description: A forum board where you can post your portfolio and ask for work!

Twitter: @GamesJobsDirect

Description: Our website is accessible to all within the industry – large studios, indie studios, recruiters and future games industry candidates seeking their next challenge.

Twitter: @gamecompanies_

Description: GC is a discovery platform that let’s you find and chat with game companies directly.

Twitter: @Studiotypes

Description: The people in our Technology and Gaming team recruit Internationally for a range of console, mobile and VR gaming studios, software companies, start-ups and digital product houses all associated with the industry. Apply here.

Twitter: @WorkWithIndies

Description: Finally, a single place to find all the cool jobs in indie games.


Description: Remote Game Jobs is the best place to find remote work and hire remote talents in the game industry.
Start reaching thousands of potential candidates, ready to work from their own location.

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