Welcome to my Site

Hi there! I’m an independent game developer that goes by ‘Indie Dragoness’. There are four main categories you’ll see me blogging about here:

  • The game I am making. The Dragoness: Burden will be free on release, so stay tuned! Indiedb page.

The Dragoness: Burden

The Dragoness: Burden

  • Other peoples games. I like to test-play games and critique them! (Constructively of course)
  • Unity3D game engine assets for the asset store. Both because I like to make assets, but also because I like to share ones that have really worked for me.
  • Machine learning! I’ll Slowly be getting into Unity’s ML Agents and I’m also in grad school studying this subject.

If any of these subjects interest you, feel free to use the ‘Follow’ button at the bottom of this page to receive reminders via email when I post here! You can also follow me on Twitter or join my Discord server/DM me.

Bolt Visual Scripting Tutorials

Bolt is a Visual Scripting asset for Unity3D. Visual scripting lets you write code for your game using flow and state machines in a way that can be much more intuitive for folks like me that are visual learners. You can use Bolt for free by downloading it from the Asset Store.

Check out my tutorials here.

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